Interview with GodlyTae

We interviewed GodlyTae, the leader-board rank 1 player from the last 2 arena seasons.

CM – Card Monsters GT – GodlyTae

CM: Hi GodlyTae! Thanks for taking time to do this interview. Let’s start by a quick introduction about yourself.

GT: My name is Dante I’m from the U.S.A and I am 27 and I’m a paramedic. Also last 2 seasons been number 1.

CM: Card Monsters is a new game, how did you discover the game on your side?

GT: I love card games and was looking through the google play store and came across Card Monsters. It looked very appealing and one of the best decisions I made downloading Card Monsters.

CM: Do you play other games besides Card Monsters?

GT: At the moment only other mobile game I play is Clash Royale.

CM: What do you like so much in Card Monsters and what was your record of playing Card Monsters without a break?

GT: I like the fast pace of games, don’t take 1 hour to finish a match. 32 win streak then took a break to watch some Anime lol.

CM: Just out of curiosity, what is the story, if there’s one, behind your nickname, GodlyTae?

GT: Well I play card games competitively Yu-gi-oh, Naruto and Magic. I won and topped many events in those game and my friends say I make godly decks and my nick name is Tae, so that is how GodlyTae became about.

CM: Is there another player who impresses you on Card Monsters?

GT: I would have to say EffDash he provides content on Youtube for the community and that’s always good.

CM: Tell us, what is your favorite card so far? Why?

GT: My favorite card is Calamity reason is he is an excellent start against any deck he helps me set up early to keep board control.

CM: Do you have any advice or tips for other players on how to improve? And, is there any main rule when you are deck building?

GT: Far as tip I will have to say don’t use items for no reason I see it all the time and cost people the game spending all their crystal to get their board destroyed next turn.

CM: What is the most common mistake made by players?

GT: Overextending

CM: Last, but not least, what would you like to see evolving or be modified in the actual version of Card Monsters or in the metagame?

GT: I would love to see Blue evolve a little more 🙂 ArchMage Needs a major buff, I would love to see a dragon in Balance and call it Purple Dragon (Thought That would be Funny), I would love to see an ability that blinds melee characters only fair cause all of the magic hate lol and last but not least, lobby queue for tournament mode and lets leave all factions specialize in what they are good in. (Example Balance is magic base mainly but Chaos has two magic attackers and balance only has one. Other than that, love the game and keep up the good work.

CM: Thanks again for your time and good luck in this month’s arena season!