Privacy Policy

Mu77 and our affiliated groups are always devoted to protecting the privacy of our users. This privacy policy describes the methods we collect, save, use and manage information, including the personal information you provide us or the related info we collect through the website and the services or products we offer. The collection methods consist mainly of our official website (currently, though this is subject to change) or Mu77 games and other related products or services offered on mobile devices (for example Apple and Android devices). Please note that this policy is only effective concerning the information you submitted to Mu77 when enjoying our services; Mu77 is not responsible for any actions taken by other third-party persons or corporations, including their website content, usage of information you provide them, or other products or services they offer. Any connections with third-party persons or corporations do not mean that we sponsor them or are in any way affiliated with them.

By using our services, you are agreeing to this policy. This means that you agree to allow us to use your data (including personal information) in ways listed in this policy. If you do not agree with the following terms, please do not use our services.

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy protection policies or actions, or if you have unsolved privacy and data usage concerns and require further assistance from us, please contact us at the following email:

Collection and Usage of Information

Mu77 collects information in the methods listed below. The main reason we need to collect and use your information is to help you create an account, provide services, improve our service quality, be able to contact you, conduct research and create reports that will only be used inside the company. We store the data gathered on servers or devices that are either inside Mu77 or can be completely controlled by Mu77.

The Mu77 Website

When you are browsing the Mu77 website, the operation system your computer uses, your IP address, connection time, browser type, language and the address of the site that linked you to us will be automatically recorded. We may use the information to monitor, develop and analyze your usage of our services. Also, when we need to perform certain actions, we may need you to provide some of your personal information, not only including your name, photo, gender, age or birthday, but also possibly including information of your personal accounts on social platforms or other third-party websites, such as the link, user name, email, and email address. We may use this information to create personal data of users in order to offer you related services. For example, we may send emails to your email address to inquire about your experience using the Mu77 website, or notify you about related company news and promotional events. We may carry out client development analyses according to information such as your gender and birthday, and conduct certain types of marketing positioning. We may also send information on our products or product promotion details to your email. If you do not wish to receive such promotional messages, you may send an email to let us know at:
Public blogs, private messages and community forums are offered on our website. Please understand that if you post something on these sites, any of the users who can access the website will be able to read, collect or use what you posted. If you wish to delete your personal information from blogs or community forums, please contact us at: Please understand that it is also possible that we might not be able to delete your personal information.

If you choose to link to our blogs or community forums through other platforms, the information you provide may become linked to your account on another platform. You may need to connect to another platform to delete the personal information you have posted on our blogs or community forums.

Mobile Platforms Such as Apple (iOS) and Android

When you open a Mu77 app on a mobile device, we may collect and record certain information, for example the unique device ID (continuous or by intervals), hardware type, Media Access Control (MAC) address, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), Operation System (OS) version, your device name, your email (if you’re connected to WeChat, QQ, Facebook or Google+ on your device) and your location (based on your IP address). Such information can help us better solve problems for you and understand your user preferences.

We collect your location data in order to offer you the correct app version so that you may interact with other users in the game. If you do not wish to let us continue tracking or use your location data, you may turn off the function on your device. Please note that if we are unable to detect your location (especially your country), the app might be unable to operate as normal.

In addition, we have created a unique device ID to track your usage of our services. This unique device ID is stored along with your personal data, so that we may better track the Mu77 game you are currently playing.

Facebook Connection, Game Center, Google +, WeChat and QQ

You may log in to our site through accounts on other platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple Game Center or a public account (we may irregularly add or take out supported third-party platform accounts). These services will be used to verify your identity, and you may choose to share certain personal information with us (for example your name, email and brief description) to pre-fill our registration form.

We may collect and record information when your user account becomes connected to our site. Such information includes: (1) Your name; (2) Your SNS user ID number and/or user name; (3) Location, city, province, country; (4) Gender; (5) Birthday; (6) Email; (7) Personal photos or links to such photos; (8) Other information.

If you wish for us to delete your information gained from WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Game Center or Google+, please contact us at:

Invite Friends

Mu77 may offer you opportunities to invite your contacts (for example your WeChat friends) to play our games or join your Mu77 game through SNS. This contact information will only be used to send messages to the recipient. You or a third party may contact us at to request that we delete any information saved by Mu77 in our database.

Customer Services

We may collect your email address when you contact our customer services team, and may also send emails to you accordingly and inquire about the experiences you had on the Mu77 site or with our product services, or send information related to our products or product promotion details. If you do not wish to continue receiving certain messages, you may tap the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the mail, or send an email to let us know at

Push Notifications

We may sometimes send you push notifications regarding game updates, high scores and other important service-related information through our mobile apps. You may turn off notifications in your device settings any time to stop receiving this type of notification.

Service Data Collection

Every time you activate our games or other service products, we will collect data concerning your usage of the game or other products, and the interactions you had in the product with other players or users, through our server records folder. To provide services and better service quality, we may collect information that concerns your identification, IP address, or device ID. This data will be stored in the Mu77 internet services. With your permission, we will also collect your specific location to offer your more personalized services.

Other Collection Methods

We may also obtain your information in the follow ways: (1) If you log in or use the message board offered in our services; (2) If you participate in surveys about our services; or (3) You use our services to participate in draws or contests.

We may offer you opportunities to participate in draws or contests through our services. If you do participate, we will ask you to provide certain personal information. Participation in such draws or contests is voluntary, and you may choose whether or not to provide your personal information. The information required usually includes contact information (for example your name and address) and demographic information (for example your zip code).

We will use the information listed above to contact the winners and send the prizes to them, monitor business level or add personalized customizations to our services. We may also ask third-party service providers to organize these draws or contests, but these corporations will not be able to use your personal information in any other situations.

Tracking Technology

Mu77, our marketing and contractor collaborators, affiliated groups and analysis service providers use technologies such as cookies, markers and tabs to identify users’ computer/device and record information related to your visit, for example your preferences, user name, and password. The information included in cookies may be related to your personal information (for example your user ID), so as to help us better improve our service quality, tailor suggestions better related to your interests, and make our services easier to use. You may forbid cookies anytime, but this may cause you to be unable to connect to or use our service functions.

We may display third-party advertisements, which will send cookies to your computer/device and track the content you receive and the advertisements you watch. As the third-party advertisement company will link your computer/device with a code, they will be able to identify your computer/device every time they send you an advertisement. These advertisement companies may use information of your usage of our services, third-party websites and apps to determine the effectiveness of their ads, and display ads of products or services more relevant to your interests. This policy is not applicable to any of the data-collection actions of these third-party advertisement companies, and we are not responsible for such actions either. We suggest that you read their privacy policies to better understand information concerning their usage of cookies and other technologies.

Mobile Analysis Software

We use mobile analysis software to better understand how our mobile apps are functioning on your device. The software will record the frequency you use the app, what happens inside the app, the total usage situation, functional data and app download address. However, we will not connect any of the information stored in the analysis software with the personal information you submitted to the mobile app.

Advertisement Network

We may display ads in our services, and the advertisement companies may collect and use your related information, for example your conversations in the service, your unique device ID, MAC address, IMEI, location and IP address. They will offer ads more relevant to your interests based on this information.

Also, you may see advertisements of our games in other services. If you tap any of these ads and install our games, you will become a user of our services. The advertisement company will share a device ID for verification and installation.

How We Use your Information

We will use the information we collect in our services according to the methods described in this policy or the related regulations displayed to you in related service terms. For example, we may use your information to:

  • Create game accounts and allow users to access our games;
  • Identify and suggest other Mu77 users to form connections with you;
  • Management and service improvements;
  • Understand you and your interests, in order to improve your experience in using our services, and raise interest;
  • Reply to your comments and questions, and provide customer services;
  • Offer or ship products and services you request;
  • Send information related to you, for example confirmations, receipts, technical announcements, updates, security warnings, support and administrative information;
  • Send information regarding sales, rewards, recent events, as well as other news regarding products and services provided by Mu77 and our handpicked business partners;
  • Facilitate interactions between you and other users;
  • Combine the information with other data we receive from third parties to better understand your interests and provide better services.

Disclosure of your Information

Mu77 will not share your personal information with any other individuals or organizations without your permission, unless in the following situations:

  • You have agreed to let us share your information with a third party, for example for marketing purposes of the third party (restricted by the third party’s own privacy policies).
  • Mu77 may hire other companies and individuals to provide you services for us. For example, such services may include data analysis and customer services support. To offer services on the part of Mu77, these agents and service providers may be given access to your personal information.
  • We may disclose your information under legally-approved situations, for example in response to court summons, or when we believe that it is the correct and legal thing to do. We may also disclose information when investigating for fraud, under government request, and to perform our rights or to protect the rights, property and security of our company, our users or others. Information may also be exchanged with other companies or organizations in order to prevent fraud.
  • We may have to share your information with another company if we merge with them, sell them our assets, or are in a financing or merger situation with them for certain businesses. If the owners or users of your information change, we will inform you through email or issue an announcement on our website.
  • We may share comprehensive or anonymous information concerning you with third parties such as advertisement companies, publishing companies, business partners, and sponsors.

Policy Changes

We may upgrade this privacy policy in order to reflect our practices. If any big changes are made, we will email you at the email address shown on your account or post an announcement on this website before the change comes into effect. We encourage you to regularly check the website for the newest information regarding our privacy practices.


Mu77 adopts adequate measures to protect your information from being accessed by unauthorized third parties, or losses, abuse and changes caused by third parties.

Though we value our trustworthiness very highly and store the information collected in our services in a non-public secure management environment, we cannot guarantee that the information will be completely secure during the transmission or storage process on our system. Also, though we try to keep our networks and systems complete and secure, we cannot guarantee that our security measures will be able to fully prevent illegal visits from third-party hackers. We do not promise nor guarantee that your information will never suffer from losses, abuse or changes caused by third parties. However, no internet transmission methods or electronic storage methods are 100% safe, and therefore we are unable to guarantee absolute security.

Access to Personal Information

If your personal information undergoes any changes or if you do not need our services any longer, you may change your account settings or contact us at to edit, update or delate inaccurate information. We will reply to your access requests in 30 days.

Data Preservation

We will preserve your personal information during the period your account is active, or during the period that is required to provide you the service you need. If you hope to cancel your account or do not wish that we continue to provide you services using your information, please contact us through We will preserve and use your information only to comply to lawful obligations, solve conflicts and carry out our agreements.


Contact Information

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If you have any questions concerning these policies, please contact us at